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Moving Boxes Supplies in New York, NY

Before the day of your big move, you need to find quality moving boxes that can protect your belongings — and thereby reduce some of the headache of relocation. The team at New York Box understands the importance of your move. We also know just how much stress comes with packing and transporting prized possessions. That’s why we offer moving boxes of all shapes and sizes for both residential and commercial clients. We’re in the business of making relocation easier, safer, and more affordable!


We understand that the cost of moving has risen over the past few years. More and more families and business owners are looking for cost-effective ways to pack up and relocate. Part of the total cost comes in the form of moving boxes and supplies. While you might consider using old cardboard and duct tape to secure your prized possessions, we highly advise against this. It’s just not worth the risk of damage.

Instead, choose New York Box. We provide high-quality moving materials all at an affordable rate. We don’t believe in bleeding our clients dry. We want to make moving easily possible for everyone!

Convenient Size

Just like your belongings, our moving boxes come in a wide variety of sizes. We have extra small, medium, large, and even wardrobe boxes. You can fit almost anything you own into one of our boxes.

We also offer extra-long boxes designed specifically for rolled-up items, such as rugs. Our heavy-duty box selection is perfect for your most prized possessions – anything you want safe and secure above all else.

Packing Boxes for Residential Move

With moving day getting closer every hour, you need to start packing. After all, you need to effectively package every room in your home for transport. This is a big endeavor! Most of us don’t have enough boxes on-hand. Don’t worry — you can always contact New York Box to get all the packing supplies you need.

We offer a broad range of residential packing boxes in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re packing a few odds and ends, clothing, or perhaps more expensive possessions, we can find you a box that will perfectly suit your needs. By getting the right boxes well before moving day, you can save yourself a massive headache. We’ve all heard horror stories of relocations going wrong. This doesn’t have to happen! Prepare ahead of time, get the boxes you need, and your move will be a cakewalk.

Contact Us

If you’re preparing to move, contact New York Box and get some quality moving boxes. We’ll help you save money and reduce the stress of relocating. Just give us a call at 844-269-3769.

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