3 Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Moving Boxes

Posted by Mark Bernstein on

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One of the most challenging tasks during moving is the process of packing and unpacking. We could only wish that there was a one-click solution to assemble everything right away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a matter of possibility. All we have now is a- cardboard box. 

Ever since cardboard boxes have played a crucial role in moving and storing, however, many people yet find it hard to properly pack or assemble them. Well, it’s not so tough once you get a hold of the simple tactics. Most importantly, one must know the appropriate ways and order of packing to eliminate moments of exhaustion due to the extra work that improperly packed boxes bring in. Moreover, if you’re moving from one place to another soon; purchasing moving boxes in NYC might be perfect for all your packing needs. To get right on track with perfecting your packing game, read on to know the mistakes that you should avoid committing.

  1. Overstuffing

One of the most common mistakes a mover can do is stuffing things more than the box’s capacity. Suppose you’ve got moving boxes in NYC that can hold up to 180 pounds, depending on their size and capacity, place your things in them. You must stick to their limited capacity. Filling in an overwhelming number of items in a small box can be unfavorable. Best believe you don’t want to see your things falling out of the boxes just because you overstuffed them. So, make sure you only allow the appropriate amount of items to appropriately sized boxes. Buy boxes of the right size and ensure that it has been used to its maximum capacity but not over it. Just search where to buy moving boxes NYC in the browser and you’ll find a wide variety of boxes in different sizes and styles.

  1. Not Labeling Each Box

Imagine having to label every item that you pack; sounds tedious right? Instead of putting all the time and effort in listing items that you put in a box, properly label the boxes to categorize the items. This way, you would understand what you’ve packed better. While unloading and unpacking, it will be easier to track which box holds what kind of items. For instance, if a box has essential items that are needed to be unpacked first such as toiletries or kitchen essentials; label that on the box as well. Similarly, label boxes that contain items that can be attended to on a later date.

  1. Not Safely Placing the Boxes Right

Once you find where to get moving boxes in NYC, you should also know what would keep them and the items within- safe and intact. Those simple cardboard boxes are heavy when filled with items that you want to move. The skill of packing doesn’t stop just when you seal the boxes; it extends to how you set up the boxes in a transport. A box that isn’t set correctly in transport might fall apart. Take your time to set them correctly. Line up the sides by taping them with two-three layers of tape to prevent them from tearing apart. Do this to all of your moving boxes, so your moving process would be much smoother.

Now that we’ve saved you from the struggle, contact New York Box for sturdy and durable boxes for any items that you’d like to transport.