Moving Tips

Moving tips from New York Box

Without a doubt, the transition of moving out of one house and into another can be exhausting. Everything needs to be packed into moving boxes – all your clothes, drawers, dishes, electronics and other belongings you've bought over the years need to fit into boxes of various sizes and strengths.

Don't worry – with some optimism and organization as well as a little help from New York Box, you'll be ready to tackle your move without worry!

To start, if you can sell/donate/trash any items you don't need, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle. Think things like old kitchenware, broken toys, unwanted clothes, unused canned food and other belongings you haven't used in years.

The more you can eliminate, the easier and quicker your packing will be.

One of the biggest challenges facing those moving is to pack breakables and fragile objects correctly and carefully. By packing with care and using the proper moving materials, you'll have peace of mind knowing they arrived at your destination safely and undamaged.

We talked to professional movers and they provided some essential tips and techniques to help get the job done right. Here are some essential materials you will need:

  1. Strong cardboard boxes with two waves. It's significantly more powerful in relation to ordinary cardboard.
  2. Packaging paper – note that there are several types of packaging paper. Avoid buying expensive packaging paper such as tissue paper. Regular wrapping paper will definitely enough work for the best. If you're in a pinch, newspaper works well and provides good padding.
  3. Use strong tape to strengthen the bottom, top, and sides of your boxes. The last thing you want is your belongings falling out of the bottom because of cheap tape or improper application.
  4. Write the contents of the box as well as the designated room the box should go in with a thick marker. You can even mark the boxes for the priority of unpacking once you arrive at your new home.

Packaging fragile items definitely require special attention. Early preparation should be taken before packing. Don't put off planning and prepping for your move. Start by detecting breakables and allocate yourself necessary time to buy moving kits or packing materials that are suitable for the weight and contents you're boxing up.

If you begin early enough, you can give yourself time to pack at a comfortable pace without unnecessarily rushing. This will also assist you in safely getting your belongings to the destination in one piece.

Lastly, you don't have to guess what materials you need to make your move successful. Let the experts at New York Box assist you in purchasing the right materials that will have you feeling like a moving professional!

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