3 Useful Tips for a Smooth Packing Experience

Posted by Mark Bernstein on


Moving into your dream house is a lot of work and it inevitably comes with the need to pack. Honestly speaking, after lifting heavy furniture and cartons full of books and clothes, packing all your stuff into boxes in an organized manner so that you don’t end up spending hours searching for your stuff in the sea of boxes while unpacking is quite challenging. It is crucial to ensure that you pack your things correctly to save yourself from all the post moving stress. When boxes are packed in an organized and diligent manner, the chances of getting your belongings damaged during transport are also minimized. We suggest that you start packing at least a month prior to the moving date which means that you must buy cartons for moving well in advance.

You may hate or love packing but it is something you simply can’t avoid when shifting apartments. Even if you were living in a fully furnished apartment, you would have your everyday essentials- clothes, footwear, books- to name a few. Improperly packed cartons eventually mean more work for you before you finally settle in your new abode. So, it is just good old common sense to avoid packing blunders and stay organized while packing for a move.

There are probably a hundred things that you take care of prior to moving which leaves you with limited time to pack your stuff. Sometimes, even when you buy cartons for moving weeks before, starting early does not fit into your schedule and we totally get that. So, we have compiled a handy list that mentions three things you should be mindful of when packing.

Here goes:

1. Irrespective of the length of time you resided in your current home, there are always going to be items that you don’t need to carry with you to the new apartment. Stuffing cartons with stuff that serve no purpose is not a smart move. Getting rid of those items will not only save you a lot of time and money but will definitely make packing a lot easier. Start by singling out items, be it clothes or decorative pieces that have outlived their time and separate them into piles- recycle, donate, and throw away! 

2. People often make the mistake of not assessing the quantity and size of packing cartons that they need before buying the same. You must accurately assess your box needs before you get packing. Right fit boxes will mean fewer boxes! Take note of how large your current living space is and how much stuff you own before you buy cartons for moving.

3. Effective packing also requires efficient wrapping. Properly wrapped items, including the sharp and fragile ones, are easier to place inboxes. Your fragile stuff may get damaged if you do not take the wrapping part seriously. Apart from using bubble wraps, packing paper, and sealing tape, make use of linens and towels to provide extra cushioning if needed.

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