5 Ingenious Ways To Reuse Your Packing Paper For Moving: Sustainability 101

Posted by Mark Bernstein on

And yet again, we’re back with our favorite topic- packing and moving solutions. Moving to a new place is always exciting and full of adrenaline. There’s the stress of packing and planning everything according to your day’s requirements. Once you are done with the place and location, questions like “where to buy packing paper” and “where to purchase packing paper” become more familiar with our friend circle and google search history. However, once you are done with the move, the questions are more likely to be like, “what to do with this extra material now?”. The most probable answer is to discard them.

In most cases, these cardboard boxes and packing paper for moving remain in good condition. If you have invested your dollars in purchasing them, it makes no sense to simply dump them as, in most cases, these packaging materials are in excellent condition. This blog shares some creative and ingenious ways to make clever use of leftover cardboard boxes and packing paper for your home.


If you are thinking of gifting something unique for an upcoming occasion instead of a card, you can fashion a handmade cardboard postcard. You can use different kinds of stamps or even stamp your loved one’s favorite singer’s signature, favorite brands, sports team, or anything else to create a “memento-like” item. You can use them to create gift tags, unique bookmarks, and beautiful coasters.


There have been countless instances where you thought of making your desk space more thoughtful and more accessible with a plastic storage box, file kit, or a store-bought organizer. Rather than spending your dollars, you can fashion yourself according to your need with just some adhesive glue, duct tape, and a stapler. You can add ribbons, use paint or simply keep the box simple as it is. Cardboard boxes are sturdy, won’t let go of the shape quickly, and contain everything safely, and, of course, more eco-friendly.


If you are much of a craftsman yourself, this one project will test your nimble fingers and skills. You will be surprised to learn how excellent cardboard cutout lamps turn out. For ideas and instructions, you can always refer to YouTube tutorials and Google. The lustrous light illuminating from the spaces of the box creates an alluring spectacle.


Have too much packing paper for moving leftover? You can use those wadded pieces of newsprint packing paper to maintain the shape of your boots and keep your shoes dry and moist-free. It is a great way to keep mildew and odor off your shoes.


Packing paper acts as a great cleaning tool to achieve those spotless reflecting windows. In fact, for any glass surface. Paper towels and cloth tends to leave lint behind, which leads to an unsightly appearance while defeating the purpose of cleaning.

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