Moving guide and tips

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 Supplies to Keep Handy at All Times

marking pen
bubble wrap
newspaper and tissue
Tape and scissors
Tape measure
How to Pack Boxes

Choose box sizes appropriate for the items being packed.  This will save on space, time, effort, and materials.
Wrap each item individually.
Wrap smaller items with non-printed newspaper to avoid ink stains.
Use bubble wrap. Wrap paper second layer of paper over bubble wrap.
Clearly mark and label each antique piece. The box should say FRAGILE or GLASS.
Use packing peanuts instead of printed newspaper to avoid stains and paint marring.
For small, heavy items use a small box such as our available 15 x 12 x 10.
Pack CDs, canned goods, records, tools, DVDs, videos, toiletries and small appliances.
Pack all fragile items in tissue or bubble wrap individually.
Line sides of boxes with tissue or bubble wrap and any additional free space should be taken up.
Tape bottoms of boxes and cartons before filling them to avoid spills and damages to items.
When possible pack items in original boxes and fit original boxes into larger moving boxes.
Items to Avoid Packing

Car Batteries
Chemistry Sets
Cleaning Fluid
Gasoline Poisons

Motor Oil
Nail Polish & Remover
Paint Thinner
Propane Tanks
Weed Killer Lamp Oil
Lighter Fluid
Liquid Bleach
Loaded Weapons
Perishable Items

Moving Tips

Move the largest and heaviest items first (e.g. refrigerator, stove or washing machine). Keep these items in their upright position.
Stack lighter boxes on the heavier boxes.
Pack uniquely shaped items into the truck last.
Disassemble bed frames and television stands.
Stack boxes of similar size together four to five feet high.  This enables cartons to be dollied from the truck to the location faster and easier.

After The Move

Keep all receipts and documentation in your move file and store the file in a safe place. Be sure to include your Bill of Lading and delivery receipt. You'll be glad to have everything in one place at tax time.
Get a new driver's license and new tags for your automobile.
Register to vote.
Contact the local paper for a new subscription.