Ease the bother and expense of moving.

Posted by Mike Bernstein on

A new home is exciting; but packing and moving can be draining and costly. Big Apple Boxes helps New Yorkers ease the expense and frustration—for less. Read on for money-saving tips that will make moving day a smooth ride—whether to the next block or next borough. 

Professional packers and movers aren’t cheap. Doing it yourself saves tons of money and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your precious belongings were packed and transported with care. 

Plan packing and moving parties! Ask friends with trucks, SUVs or vans to help transport your treasured belongings. Enlist those with free time to help pack. Reward them for their efforts with gas gift cards and an end-of-day beer and pizza party. 

If necessary, rent a moving van. Compare prices from rental car companies, moving companies and hardware supply stores. 

Buy packing supplies in advance to avoid costly, last-minute purchases on the already hectic packing day. Necessary supplies include: sturdy boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes that won’t fall apart during the move; bubble wrap, foam or packing peanuts to protect fragile items; utility knives, tape and dispensers or twine to seal boxes; plastic storage bags; markers, stickers and mailers for sorting and organizing. *Room Kits from Big Apple Boxes are a quick and easy solution that includes everything one needs to pack up an entire room. 

Wrap your antiques/collectibles individually using non-printed newspaper or fill the box with packing peanuts to ensure your timeless valuables don’t get stained or marred. For small, heavy items like CDs, DVDs and tools use a small box such as the 5 x 12 x 10 offered by Big Apple Boxes. Pack one room at a time and label the box accordingly to stay organized. Moving from one location to the next may seem simplistic but not everyone knows that you should pack your treasured reads with the spine facing downward to avoid tearing or that leaving your clothing hangers will help you avoid pesky wrinkling. 

Using a friend’s truck to move? Move the heaviest items such as your washing machine. Position these items upright to avoid costly damages. Stack your lighter boxes on top of the heavier boxes and load the oddly shaped items last. Kids love to feel involved! Have your kids move the smaller items and reward them with snacks or prizes. 

Mark and Michael Bernstein, owners of Big Apple Boxes have eliminated the burden of moving by offering an array of moving and packaging supplies that ease the pain for New York’s do-it-yourself movers. "We provide everything New Yorkers need to move on a budget and we've been doing it for over 50 years," says Mark Bernstein, co-owner of Big Apple Boxes. “And when I say everything, I mean advice as well as products. We know how to take the hassle and the expense out of moving." 

 Brothers Mark and Michael Bernstein grew up observing their parents’ successful industrial packaging business pursuits. The brothers saw a market need for a moving company that catered to New York City’s do-it-yourself movers. With the knowledge and experience developed from the influence of their 60 year old family business, the brothers launched Big Apple Boxes to service people interested in cutting down on moving expenses and the stress attached to it.