A Packing Guide for Canvas Art: 3 Simple Steps are All You Need to Follow

Posted by Mark Bernstein on


When you are shifting apartments, you have to commit to a lot of packing and labeling. For furniture to appliances, and everything in between, you need moving supplies like boxes of different sizes, bubble wraps, sealing tape, and more. If you are an art aficionado, you will most probably have various artworks adorning the walls of your house, which means that you will need to add Kraft paper to your moving supplies shopping list. If you happen to own an art gallery and plan to shift to a new location, proper use of Kraft paper will ensure your valuable pieces do not get damaged while moving. In case you are wondering where to buy Kraft paper roll, you have found the right place!

We understand packing everything you own in a few boxes is a daunting task but it becomes the need of the hour if you are moving. If you go about the job at hand strategically, however, things will become relatively easier. When it comes to packing canvas art, before you start, an important question needs to be answered, which is- What materials to use for packing art pieces to ensure damage free movement? We supply high quality Kraft paper in NYC so that your prized possessions are transported from your old abode to the new one in single piece.

For those of who are always extra careful with artworks you own, here are some easy to follow tips to efficiently packing canvas art to ensure maximum protection. Let’s take some worry off your mind:

Start by Wrapping the Artwork in Paper

You may not give the material with which you wrap your canvas art in much thought, but you definitely should. Some people wrap it with old newspaper lying around the house, we, however, suggest against it. Agreed that the first thing you will need is paper, and, while newspaper may seem like a harmless option, it actually isn’t. The reason being that the print remains a little wet for a few months after being printed, so, there is a possibility of newspaper headlines being transferred onto the canvas, ruining the piece. The safest option is Kraft paper. Wrap your pieces carefully in it and use tape to secure. We cater to the requirements of Kraft paper in NYC.

Cardboard Scraps to Secure the Edges

Some people make the mistake of forgetting to secure the edges of art piece, but, know that this is as important as properly wrapping your prints. To protect the corners, position some cardboard scraps over them and secure them with tape. Edges of the artwork are most susceptible to damage as they tend to protrude and keep getting knocked against other objects.

Finish with Bubble Wrap

To be one hundred percent sure, put a layer of bubble wrap around the pieces. This will insulate them from any damage whatsoever. Once you are done with all of the above, it is time to place the artworks in cardboard boxes of suitable sizes. The packaging must be tight enough to ensure that there is no space for movement but loose enough so that if multiple prints are packed together, they don’t put strain on each-other.

At New York Box Company, we understand how precious your artworks are. Order moving supplies from the comfort of your home. We are the answer to your “where to buy Kraft paper roll?” question!