How To Pack House Plants While Moving To A New City?

Posted by Mark Bernstein on


Moving to a new city can be extremely exhilarating and fun! However, planning the big move and packing is another story altogether. Everything has to be wrapped and prepped differently, keeping their shape, material, and delicateness in mind. 

But these are inanimate objects which can be repaired if they do get damaged on the way. You can’t treat house plants the same way if you want them to reach the destination alive and healthy. Most moving companies refuse to take the responsibility of your plants because of which you might have to drive them to your new house yourself. 

If you are wondering about how to pack your plants right, then this blog is for you. Follow these tips to prepare your prized plants for the road: 

1) Pot them right

If you are moving from one state to another, your first step should be to check if your plants will be inspected at the border. A few states, such as Florida and California, have extremely strict environmental protection laws, so don’t forget to clarify whether you can actually bring in your plants. 

After this, it’s time to move your plant babies from clay pots to unbreakable plastic ones. It’s extremely crucial that you select pots that are of the right width and depth for the kind of plants you have. 

Shift them carefully to the new pots at least 3 weeks before you need to move. Next, prune them and get rid of dead lives and plants. If you spot an infestation, contact your local nursery for tips as soon as possible as it is not advisable to carry infested plants into a new home. 

When you’re two days away from moving day, water your plants. The soil should be moist, not dripping wet. Remember not to flood the pot as it might cause the roots to freeze or the leaves might catch a fungus. 

2) It’s time to pack!

Plants don’t like it when they are moved often because of their sensitive disposition. That is why they should be the last things you pack. 

When it comes to packaging, finding good quality packing supplies in NYC won’t be an issue so you won’t have to worry about this factor. Get cardboard boxes, plastic sheets and lots of newspapers, especially for your plants.

Each box should ideally be lined with plastic and one box shouldn’t house more than one plant. But if you have a number of smaller plants, getting handfuls of them in one box won’t cause harm if you keep appropriate space between each of them with the help of newspapers so as to minimize movement. 

Finally, get some holes in the box and close the package without taping it up. Have your plants next to you while driving to your new home as the trunk will be extremely hot. If you will be traveling for more than 2-3 days, ensure that you expose them to sunlight during your stopovers. 

That’s it! Your green foliage will reach your home sweet home hale and hearty! If you are looking for moving supplies in NYC to pack your plants, then browse through our exhaustive list of supplies curated just for you!