Preparing To Move? Here Are 4 Simple Tips for Packing Your Fragile Items

Posted by Mark Bernstein on

Packing fragile items is never easy, no matter what they are. When you are packing up your life and moving to a new home, you need to be especially careful about your ceramics, dinnerware, porcelain and other such delicate and valuable items. Why? Because one wrong move and you could end up with shattered plates and broken vases. Fortunately, as hard as it may seem at first glance, making sure that your valuables do not get damaged during the move isn’t completely impossible. All you need is some knowhow. Here are a few handy packing tips for your favorite fragile pieces:

  1. Get the right tools and materials
    The first thing that you need to do before you start packing your valuables is gathering all the supplies and materials. You need to buy corrugated sheets, bubble wrap, moving boxes of varying sizes, Styrofoam, and some plastic bags. In addition to these, you all need scissors, box cutter or utility knife, and packing or shipping tape. For larger and heavier items, you might even need an extra pair of hands or two.
  2. Wrap the items properly
    You need to wrap the items in a way that provides extra protection to the areas that could be easily damaged, like the handles of teapots and cups. You need to cover those areas with bubble wrap and secure it in place using your packing tape. Next, wrap up the whole object with another layer of bubble wrap. Although, you need to keep in mind that overdoing the wrapping can also often cause unintended damage.
  3. Prepare the boxes
    When packing fragile items, it is vital that you freeze them in place inside the moving boxes. This will keep them from shifting around and getting damaged. The best way to do this is to get a box that is just big enough to fit the item(s) along with corrugated cardboard sheets on all sides or several layers of bubble wrap. If there are any empty areas, you should fill them up with more bubble wrap or plastic bags.
  4. Label the boxes
    Use the appropriate labels on the moving boxes so that they are handled properly. Labels like “Handle with care,” “Fragile,” “Up,” and “Down” will ensure safe handling and movement. You should also add the address and a return address along with your contact details. Add an address label on top of the box as well as inside it. The latter will aid in identification in case the label on the outside becomes illegible due to some reason.
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