Protect Your Expensive, Delicate, Oddly Shaped Objects In Transit Using Foam Peanuts

Posted by Mark Bernstein on

Are you planning to move to a new place? Has someone advised you to use packing peanuts but you’re not sure what’s the benefit of it? In this blog, our focus will be on packing peanuts, also known as foam peanuts, which are perfect for packaging fragile objects. The purpose of foam peanuts is to fill in loose space that is there between the box walls and your objects.

A Little Information About Foam Peanuts

Just take a look at foam peanuts and you will understand why there is ’peanuts’ in foam peanuts. Their shape and size is pretty similar to actual peanuts. The reason why they have been given this particular shape is that it allows them to lock together when they are put under pressure in tight spots. Once they are locked, they do not move much. Normally, foam peanuts are made from Styrofoam but recently, they are being made using starch. Starch is known for being non-toxic and biodegradable.

Advantages of Using Foam Peanuts

One of the biggest reasons why companies and people prefer to use foam peanuts is that they are ideal for keeping oddly-shaped, large objects from rolling inside a moving box. Although there is an option of using bubble wrap, the problem with those wraps is that they do not effectively stop an object from moving or rolling inside a box. Foam peanuts provide the much need cushioning to your large, delicate items that keeps them totally secured against sudden movements or rough handling in transit. Another reason why foam peanuts are heavily used for moving purposes is their affordable cost.

Often people wonder what they will do with all the foam peanuts once they take out their objects from the moving boxes. We’ll advise you to not throw them away. You can store them for future moving requirements or projects around the house. For instance, you can place them under the soil in planters to keep the soil properly drained. You can also attach them to the back of hanging objects to protect your wall from chips and scratches. You can cap sharp objects in your toolbox or drawer with it to protect yourself from jabs. Just be creative and you will surely find an application for foam peanuts in your house apart from packing objects.

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