Reasons Why Bubble Wraps Are Still Used Heavily For Shipping or Transporting Goods

Posted by Mark Bernstein on

Invented in the 1960, bubble wrap continues to be one of the most widely preferred packing materials around the world. It is known for being versatile, lightweight, and durable and offers amazing protection to your household belongings or any other item that you need to transport. If you need to transport or ship fragile goods, make sure you get top-quality bubble wrap for packing from New York Box. Why should you? Let’s take a look at some solid reasons.

Excellent For Protecting Oddly-Shaped Items

There are certain items that are either too large or odd in shape. You can deal with those items easily using bubble wraps as bubble wraps are available in different sizes in the market. Depending on your specific requirements, you can order bubble wraps in specific sizes. And if some items pose difficulty while packing due to their odd shape, you can always cut a bubble wrap with a pair of scissors to get a customized shape and size.

Can Be Used Multiple Times

Often people make the mistake of throwing away the bubble wrap once they are done using it. We will advise you to check the condition of the wrap before throwing it away. If it looks significantly damaged, get rid of it. However, in most cases, bubble wraps remain in great condition even after their initial use. If the bubbles still look intact, you can continue using your bubble wrap for safely transporting items. This feature of bubble wraps make them eco-friendly as well as cost-effective.

Makes The Packing Process Fun

When people need to move from one place to another or one state to another, they start the process of packing items with a grimace on their face. Packing items can be a tiring, and truth be told, a boring task. However, you can make it fun by using bubble wraps. All your stress induced from packing items for hours will get relieved when you burst air bubbles of bubble wraps with your family members. Kids especially love bursting air bubbles.

It’s An Economical Choice

Often people pack items, when they need to move to a new place, using sub-standard materials or no packing materials at all. They use makeshift materials of their own to pack their belongings as they want to save money. As we all know, the moving process costs a lot of money and it is understandable why certain groups of people try to save money by not getting packing materials. For such people, bubble wraps are the ideal packing material as they are affordable and can be used multiple times.

As you can see, bubble wraps are an essential packing material. If interested, you can get them in different sizes such as 48” X 300’, 24’ X 300’, 12” X 500’, 24” X 125’, and many other sizes from New York Box. We’re a company that specializes in moving supplies. You can get moving boxes, moving kits, packing supplies, and much more from us at a great price.